How to Upload your Photos and Get Paid

photographyDo you know there are ways to make money online from photographs by selling them? Photography may not be an easy business to break in, but for those who make it, there is really good money. The internet has made it easy for professional photographers to put in their collection of work and skills and expect to get paid. There are professional photo websites that sell your photos and pay you a commission for each photo sold. People who have the required high-quality digital camera are able to make money out of stock photography.

How Does It Work

Here is a simple explanation on how it works. You build a nice collection of great photos and you want to begin selling them. You then sign up with a stock photography company and then upload your photos. If someone buys your photo to use in their work, you get percentage of pay of each sale. The idea here is to make your photos good enough and attractive to the world.

Where to Sell Your Photos

There are sites that allow you to upload your photos and sell them as stock photography. You only need to set up an account in some few easy steps and get ready to upload your images.  Here are some of the leading sites to sell your photography.

1.       iStockPhoto 

iStockPhoto by Getty images is one of the top stock photography agencies. The site is recommended for those who have an impressive collection of stock photos, illustrations, video, vectors and audio in regard to quality and quantity.

2.       ShutterStock

shutterstockShutterStock is an excellent resource for high-resolution images especially for large format designs such as billboards and other types of print media. To join the site, you will have to choose a subscription plan that meets your needs. The site allows images, illustrations, vector images, videos and music

3.       Fotolia

Fotolia has a huge database of more than fifty-five million pieces of media. There are tens of thousands of photos and video uploaded every day. The site has one of the best libraries in the photo industry. User submissions are highly accepted.

There are many sites out there looking for a certain level of work which is out of reach of what amateurs can do. To make it to these sites, you need to practice beyond your family snapshots. You are more likely to sell if you have something a little more different. To get images online as quick as possible, some sites offer in-browser uploading application. Others support uploading through other software such as lightroom, Aperture and other FTP applications.