How to Start a Successful Blogging Business.

blogFrom so many heritage, fantastic arts and creative blogs out there, how do you make yours stand out? Do you have any product or business that you want to promote? Have you found your niche and defined your ideal readers? Do you want to blog about live events, concerts, fashion, music, limo service, health, and fitness, traveling among others? How do you make people return for more and how do you increase the visitor numbers and build a loyal fan base following? Here is the solution to these hard question.

Welcome to a successful blogging guide on how to start a blog and make money. There are aspiring writers and bloggers out there who are itching to share their thoughts and lines with the world, but may be sidelined on figuring it out where to start. This article is your starting point that is designed to help you create and launch, grow your audience and monetize your blog. Here is summarized step by step guide to help you learn how to start a blog in less than an hour. In Brief, are the key steps we are going to address;

Step 1. Choosing a Blogging Platform, Domain Name, and Hosting Company

The first step to building a blog is determining your ideal blogging platform. Some of the best blogging platforms include

After you have determined the blogging platform to use, next you need to define your domain name and a hosting company. Sites such as GoDaddy can cheaply help you get a domain name, while sites such as HostGator among others, can provide a good hosting environment.

Step 2. Designing your Blog with use of a Simple Theme

A good theme gives your blog a look and the feel you want. At this level, you can create your blog to look the exact way you want. If you are not a designer, you can hire a profession to have the job done for you. Else you can purchase similar themes and integrate them into your blog. Make the necessary modifications to your blog to ascertain it gets to the level suitable for your audience.

Step 3. Selecting the Best Plugins for your Blog

pluginsYou will need to add the right plugins to have your blog perform various tasks. To monitor visitors and other factors, you may need Google Analytics  to improve engagements and content promotion. You may also need social media plugins to help share your content to various social media platforms. You shall be able to determine the right plugins that best serves your interest based on your audience.

Step 4. Writing Compelling Content that Adds Value to Readers

Content is King, and with an appealing content, you are guaranteed to sell. Without the appropriate content, your blog is of no use. You need to put the right time and effort necessary to create great content and build your brand. If you choose the easy path of writing poor content, that road will ultimately get you nowhere.

Step 5 – Monetizing your Blog

google analyticsThere are many ways to generate money to your website. Truth be said, it may not be quite easy, but for those who persevere, they finally enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Bloggers incorporate various ways to make money, once their blogs have matured regarding to the date of creation and readers it attracts. Some of the practical ways to monetize your blog include;

  • Advertising through display ads
  • Incorporating Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing of company products
  • Selling digital products
  • Promoting physical products
  • Selling services

Most of the money bloggers make does not come from blogging directly. After they have proven their trustworthiness, bloggers use their blogs as springboards and platforms to launch other products and services that bring in extra income. These may be speaking gigs, eBooks, products, courses among others.

Hundreds of new blogs are launched every hour by aspiring bloggers and people who want a place to share their thoughts online. A few of these bloggers actively update their content and are less likely to become successful. You thus need to be completely focused and consistent on your blog to make it a success. If you have the desire and perseverance to work hard on your blog, it will eventually become successful.