How to Make Money on the App Stores

appsThe mobile market has grown substantially over the years, and industry experts even predict continued growth. The mobile internet users surpass the desktop users by far, with 90 percent of internet users now owning a smartphone? What does these stats tell us? – There is a huge potential to make money using smartphones. If you are new to the market and looking to enter it, just have a cool idea for an APP. Do you know how to create an App? Do you want to know how to make money on the App store? This guide looks at ways to market an app successfully, how to climb the charts and how to sell in-app purchases.

Deciding on the development Platform – (Google Developer Vs Apple Developer)

First and foremost, you need to make a decision on what platform(s) you want to design your app on. This decision can greatly affect your earning due to platform popularity and market penetration. There are a plethora of app building platforms to create and develop apps with ease.

In today’s overly populated mobile arena, the name of the game is distribution. When it comes to mobile ecosystems, there are two giants locked in a battle for development and revenue. These are Google and Apple.  Google’s mobile operating system is Android, and its store is Google Play Store . Apple offers iOS, and its store is Apple Play Store . These are two of the largest distribution channels for developing mobile apps. These stores offer at least 1 million apps and both notch up downloads measured in the billions.

Now that You have Your App, what’s Next?

playstoreThe steps to creating an APP are quite lengthy and have not been covered in this guide. We assume that you have your app ready, or you know how to make one. If you are new to building an app, get to know the basics of mobile programming and creating mobile applications. Else, you can hire a mobile developer to make an app for you. After you have developed your app, you need to have your app stored at either of the mobile platforms discussed above.

Whether you develop on iOS or Android, each of these operating systems come with their advantages and disadvantages. We may not go into the details of deciding which store is better than the other, as this may turn to be a lengthy debate. Our core interest is to make money with the app, irrespective of the store it lies.

How to Monetize your App

These days building a mobile app is easy. However, monetizing the app is the real deal. The market is saturated with free options, and there are potential customers unwilling to pay. In the app industry, you create an app to cultivate loyalty, gain new mobile clients, create company awareness, make money and more. One of the biggest problems app publishers want to solve is to make money from their apps. To make money with an app, you need to find the right monetization strategy. Discussed below are best ways to monetize your app and earn revenue.

  1. In-App Ads

sell appsOne of the best monetization strategies considered by app developers is in-app ads. With in-app promoting, you evacuate the cost-obstruction of buying your application and permit free downloads. You will substantially make a stable and stable client base and extract vital data from those customers. You then link up with app distributors who pay you to put specialized advertisements in your advertisement.

  1. Freemium

A freemium application is mainly offered for nothing. In this model, individuals have entry to your applications essential usefulness and vital components, yet there is a charge for them to get every feature. The idea is to attract people to your app, without giving them everything. The goal is to accumulate and engage the app users up to the time they are willing to pay for additional tools.

  1. Paid Apps

The paid app model simply means your app is not free to download. If people want to use your app, they must first purchase it from the app store. Paid apps mostly cost anywhere from $0.99 to $999.99 with brands making money upfront with every new user.

  1. Paywalls (Subscriptions)

The paywall app business model focuses on the content and not features. The paywalls allow the app user to view predetermined amount of set content for free before then prompts the customers to sign up for a paid subscription to get more.

By creating an app, you are tapping into a pool of millions of potential customers and equally guaranteeing that your business or the business you are promoting won’t get left in the dark. An app can help your clients quickly make orders, reservations, locate your business, read reviews or interact with you and your business or product. You can increase your sales by letting mobile customers purchase your products wherever they are.