How to Make Money from Vines Videos

vine logoIf you have got followers on Vine, the money should not be far behind! If you have popularity and fan base on Vine, then you could become the next Vine star. Since its initiation in 2013, Vine has provided its user with plenty of laughs and shareable moments. Vine also offers an excellent living for some of its influencers. Users who have embraced six-second videos and can amass a large following using their creative approach can now make money on Vine.

What is Vine

Vine is a video sharing app (a new application owned by Twitter) designed in a way users could film short, separate instances. These instances can be linked together for up to 6 seconds.  Then in a loop, each of the short videos is viewed directly on viners’ Twitter timeline or embedded into a web page. If videos are interesting enough to others, people will start following you and liking and re-vining your Vines. Any Vine user looking to monetize their video have to come up with a unique approach that fits the theme of their account a works in an appropriate manner.

Making Money with Vine

Brands pay top Viners for short outs, re-vines (essentially like re-tweeting) and customized videos for corporate accounts. The deals vary, with top Viners making as far as $50,000 per ad campaign. Marketers are increasingly enlisting prominent Vine users to showcase their products. There are ad platforms and talent agencies that connect Viners and brands. A good example of one of these platforms is Niche. To become a Viner, here are the simple steps;

  1. Create a Vine account by downloading the Vine App from App Store on an iOS device or your Android Device or Windows phone.
  2. If you have a Twitter account logged on your mobile device, give Vine permission to access your Twitter account by clicking “Ok”.
  3. If you do not have a Twitter account logged into your mobile device, log in with your username and password.
  4. If you do not have a Twitter account, you can sign up for Vine using an email address.

Whenever you are ready to make your first Vine video, the app shall walk you through the easy process.

Viral Nation is another company that helps Vine starts through sponsorship. The company searches through Viners based on criteria of popularity, type of their content and other factors, to ascertain if their investment is worthy. The stars in return promote the content these companies. The pay is based on the reach of the content, and the “name” of the star. Viral Star regularly monitors this pay. Vine videos have become the primary source of income to these stars, while others try to expand their careers into becoming actors on big screen.